Sunday, 30 November 2008

The Lower Prysor

On Saturday Tom and I headed up to North Wales to meet Patrick Clissold and Tom Laws for some boating action. Unfortunately as usual the water level was very low. Undetered we decided to have a look at the lower prysor, as some of the drops go in low water. The first large fall at the get on is Rheader Du. This intimidating fall begins as a 30 metre slide into a ten metre waterfall at the bottom. After spending extensive time looking at it we decided to leave it for another day.

The rest of the river was a gorge walk with a boat save three really sweet draops into a vertical sided gorge. The first drop is a six metre waterfall into a large cauldron. We all came of this drop buzzing and remarked how similar it was to right angle on the etive. After this followed a really smoothe slide and a further smaller drop. Although the river was far to low to paddle other than these three drops we all felt it was worth it, and it's a new river to tick off!

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