Monday, 8 December 2008

Adventure Paddlers Weekend

Tom Haywood on Euthanasia Falls, The Dart

This was the weekend of the annual Adventure Paddlers Weekend organized by Gene 17. This involved kayaking in Devon with a series of lectures on the Saturday night, held at the River Dart Country night. Tom, Joe and I decided to drive down on the Thursday night and get a run in of the Hoaroak Water and East Lyn, before meeting up with Imperial Canoe club on the Friday night.

We were met by a nice medium level on the Hoaroak and East Lyn, two rivers that I had paddled almost a year ago to the day, but in massive spate! This meant we were unable to paddle the gorge section on the Lyn due to it being too high. However this year we managed to paddle it. We also walked up Hoaroak Water, a trib of the Lyn and found a series of interesting drops.

On Saturday and Sunday we paddled a very cold Dart. It was really good to get some of my friends from Imperial down the upper, who had never paddled it before.

Joe Freeman hucking his meat on Hoaroak Water!

Me on Hoaroak Water

Me on Hoaroak Water

Tom entering the Lyn Gorge

Firing it up on the gorge